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For those on the costuming list, sorry for the duplication.  I've
cross-posted this in case someone here might be able to help this lady.

- --Charlene

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My apologies for cross-posting, but I have promised some people in my area 
to organize a bobbin-lace class for November 9th, and both my potential 
instructors have declined.  I know it's extremely late notice, but if 
anyone would be interested in teaching a class in Eastern PA (Poconos area) 
next weekend, please contact me.  We would be willing to pay for materials, 
gas, and tolls, and will provide housing if you want to come out on 
Saturday (we're having a party then).

This is an SCA-associated group, but the instructor does not have to be 
interested in the SCA.  Please email me for more details.

Jennifer Markham
anneliese at

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