HNW - scans of 17th & 18th cent. costumes

Nicole Kipar Nicole.Kipar at
Tue Nov 4 05:23:08 PST 1997

Hello everyone,
this list has been rather quite for a while, what a shame!
Well, I'd like to offer some scans to the list or to individuals of 
costumes from the  V&A, some of them show embroidery in detail.
The scans are female costume mainly 18th century, but 2 early 17th 
century jackets, male costume 2 early 17th century, one late 17th 
century (with magnificent silver embrodery) and Justaucorps from the 
18th century.
If there's someone interested in me sending them all or just some, 
please contact me or the list. I just don't want to flood anyone's 
mailbox uninvited. The pictures are jpg, 16 bit, colour. (10 pieces).
I'm sorry that I can't put them on my webpages, would have been 
easier, but then, I've already got so many paintings/drawings up 
I'd be happy to send them away,
best wishes,
             Marquis Nicole de Kipar
                 - L'Age d'Or -
The Age of the Sun King - The Age of the Musketeers
             n.kipar at
              * QUO NON ASCENDET *

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