HNW - scans of 17th & 18th cent. costumes

Nicole Kipar Nicole.Kipar at
Tue Nov 4 08:22:34 PST 1997

> I for one would love to have some scans.  My computer is a mac so I don't
> received stuffed items from pcs very well.

Which ones would you like to recive? There are 7. I'll send you some 
that might be of interest anyway. Well, there are:

- -French Justaucorp 1790-1800 (full view) coloured silks
- -English coat 1673 (full view) silver and silver gilt thread
- -Italian dress coat and waistcoat 1760s (detail) silver gilt
- -English suit with embroidered baldrick 1630s (full view) silver gilt 
& silks
- -English embroidered woman's jacket (margaret laton's) 1610-20 (full 
view) coloured silks & silver gilt & metal lace
- -English woman's jacket ca. 1620/30s (full view) red silk floss
- -French satin gown 1770s (full view) coloured silks and ribbons
- -French bocaded silk gown (full view) metal lace and silk ribbons

> Oh and I'm looking for the embroidery pattern that is seen on the dress of
> the Mona Lisa.  Any thoughts out there as to what it is?

No, sorry, I can't help here, not my specifc period.
best wishes,
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