HNW - scans of 17th & 18th cent. costumes

GarFairies GarFairies at
Tue Nov 4 15:13:31 PST 1997

Well in my investigation into smocking I took your advice and started perusing
the art books from that era and discovered that the Mona Lisa is wearing a
dress with what looks like a form of smocking.  If you can get a close up view
of her dress you will see at the top of the neckline the outline or stem
stitch, a pattern stitch that looks to me like it was couched on or else was
part of the imagination of the artist, then another row of stem stitch and
then below it a pattern stitch that definitely crosses underneath one pleat
and comes up and connects to another pleat.  This is smocking I believe.  I am
going to get my magnifier out and look closer to see how it was accomplished.
Might be the Italian shirring in action, sure looks like a cord that has been
applied but the criss crossing under and over a pleat is definitely a form of


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