HNW - scans of 17th & 18th cent. costumes

Nicole Kipar Nicole.Kipar at
Wed Nov 5 00:35:31 PST 1997

Good morning Kathryn,

> Are these GIFs from photos in the V&A book on their costume collection?

(they are JPGs....) Well, they are from the postcards on their 
costume collection. I had to scan the postcards for a friend anyway 
and I thought that someone 'out there' might be interested.

> That book is still in print.

Yes, I've got it. It's wonderful.

 I have a color postcard of the lovely c.1630
> bodice with the red needlework-- One Size Fits Nobody! (she really was very
> teeny, hopefully just a teenager....)

*grin* I'm rather small, especially my upper body but I have no idea 
how on earth they fitted into these tiny, tiny jackets (see margaret 
laton...). Well, must have been a bad diet on their part...
Best wishes,
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