HNW - scans of 17th & 18th cent. costumes GarFairies at
Wed Nov 5 06:10:51 PST 1997

Do you by any chance have a scan of those close-ups of the Madonna you were
talking about?  Gosh I feel isolated stuck up here in Sebastopol, CA  far
away from the DeYoung Museum and the Legion of Honor in San Francisco (only
and hour and a lifetime away...).  Sounds like a road trip is in the offings.
 Think I can talk the 13yr old daughter to go to SF on a museum trek?  HA!
 Not!  but honey it's mommy's birthday soon.

I'm really working hard on looking at the Mona Lisa's embroidery work.  Been
experimenting with the van dyke stitch (which is one of the oldest stitches
according to smocking historians - outline or stem or rope stitch being
another), which goes through two pleats and then wraps around both (a cable
stitch) then goes back one pleat moving down to the half space and starting
all over again.  If you work this stitch in mirror image you get tessalation
(but that's another story), and the stitches look somewhat rounded.  I'm
wondering if ML's embroidery is a form of this stitch.  Will let you know -
curiousity has struck and I won't rest until I figure it out.


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