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     In Historic Needlework  Laura [lshumar at] wrote:
     "Now I just have to figure out what to *do* with the stuff...all the
     pieces I saw were called "covers," but I'm not sure what they
     were meant to cover....."
     Cushions.  Doubtless.  If you look at sources like the V&A book 
     "English Embroidery to 1750"  You will see that things to cover other 
     objects are shaped like them. and usually mounted in the shape of what 
     they cover.  All the long or short rectangles and squares are marked 
     cushion covers.  If the shape fits, sit on it!
     Covering Pillows, Cushions, Seat pads, etc. seems to have been a big 
     hobbiest outlet for amature embroiderers.  I observe that with so 
     little upholstered furniture in any but the most wealthy inventories 
     everyone must be adding cushions.  
     Also, it is a great medium for design display.  People have to walk 
     right up to your work, which is spread over a large fairly smooth 
     I must confess that after several years of collecting patterns from 
     modelbooks and samplers that I have not yet brought myself to make a 
     piece I would sit on.  But, the day may come.  Till then, I'll just 
     locating charting and making collection samplers.
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