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Hello Maryjo, 

 > What are you making your shirt out of and what thread are you using? 
This is strictly white on white (actually, ecru on cream for me -- I got
tired of white on white for awhile).  The thread is DMC Coton Broder (size
16?)   a loosely twisted, rather thick thread with wonderful sheen.  For the
pulled work, we use both DMC floss and linen thread (different stitches).
  The fabric I'm using is 25-count evenweave linen, very open and lacy even
before adding the pulled work. 

>Not to open a can of worms here, but I was very "intrigued" about the open 
>discussion on this list of copying materials.  Are people copying materials 
>that no longer have a copyright date?
>I'm coming at this from the quilting side where copying books and patterns 
>except for fair use (personal, that is) is a complete no-no.

Yes.  I think we all agree that copying patterns and books that are still
under copyright is a big no-no.  However, the copying I've seen mentioned on
the list lately are of book pages that are over 100 years old (not modern
reprints of them, they are copied from the old documents).  I know that when
I took a friend's heraldry book in to Kinko's to copy, they started to give
me a hard time until I pointed out that the physical book itself was
published in the mid-1600s, and thus was about 400 years old.  The people at
the time of publication didn't have the concept of copyright at that time,
let alone still maintain rights to it (if heirs could be found after that
many generations!).  They had me sign a form (basically, "on my head be the
consequences") and let me go ahead.  I believe this discussion is much the

The Modelbuch is a reprint of Besse's put out by Curious Works Press, titled
_German Renaissance Patterns for Embroidery_, with an introduction and some
explanations by Kathleen Epstein.  It is published in Austin, Texas.  The
price is reasonable (I think under $10, but I don't remember any more), but
not available everywhere, since it is a small publishing concern. 

Gotta go -- work calls.

Melinda  (EowynA at


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