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At 11:56 PM 11/5/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I trust that y'all are double checking this $4/yard and $5/yard "linen"
>for the fiber content on the bolt's end.

OH, yes!  I am very careful to look.  You can also tell by the "crush" test.
Take a handful of the 'linen' and crush it.  If it wrinkles and creases (and
they stay), you've got linen, if not, it's a ringer.  You can also tell,
after some experience, by looking at the fibers themselves, plus, linen has
a sheen to it that polyester doesn't.  If all else fails, cut a small,
discreet sample (1" by 1/4" will do) and take it outside and do a burn test
on it--I often carry a pair of hemostats and a lighter just for this
purpose.  Any synthetic fibers will melt and turn black.  If it burns
cleanly and smells like burned wood, you've got linen.  (By contrast wool
and silk both smell like burned hair, or protein, which is what they are;
cotton will smell like burned wood.)

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