HNW - Drawn thread/facsimile patterns/mittens

Nic deplazes at
Thu Nov 6 09:05:27 PST 1997

>> I'm coming at this from the quilting side where copying books and
>>except for fair use (personal, that is) is a complete no-no.
>It is the same for all books.  However, in some cases, where the copyright
>has expired, as long as someone is not making a profit from it, I think
>will turn a blind eye.  However, these folks should not be quite so open
>about it on the net, there are some copyright "cops" who make it their
>business to champion the publishing industry, whether someone is getting
>hurt or not!  And there is a big difference between "out-of-print" and
>copyright expired, they do not mean the same thing.

Actually if the copy write has expired there is no blind eye to turn.  Take
as just one example, my favorite publisher, Dover books.  They make
facsimilies of many books for which copywrite has expired and I will
guarantee they are making a profit.


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