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Laird Fowler lairdf at
Thu Nov 6 18:46:02 PST 1997

Thurs., Nov. 6th

Dear Maryjo,
        Looking through their latest mailing, I found that the Scarlet
Letter does indeed have an email listing:
<samplers at>
As far as I know, Kathryn's comment about these books not being facsimiles
is correct; they are simply all I had found accessible.  They are 'regraphed
or recharted', have neither text nor translations and I can concur with her
comment that the Shorleyker is indeed missing pages that you occasionaly see
in other sources.  I also tried repeatedly to order Newes Modelbuch by Johan
Sibmacher from Dover and was repeatedly told it was out-of-print "at this
time".  I then tried some of the old/used/hard-to-find sources to secure my
'copy'.  Tracking down period material is time consuming and I am always
happy to locate sources with available 'copies'.
        In the messages several modelbuchs were mentioned.  The 'Modelbuch'
I was talking about is called "The New Carolingian Modelbook" by Kim Salazar
aka Ianthe' d' Averoigne and is published by Outlaw Press.  I have
thoroughly enjoyed the "New Carolingian Modelbook" because each pattern is
clearly graphed and referenced as to other sources.  You can check out Kim's
website at <>.
I believe she even has samples of some of the graphs from the book on this site.
        You might also enjoy one of my favorite sites on the web; 
 <> the Medieval/Renaissence
Embroidery Home Page.  Another site you might like to check out is the
Ukranian Archives at <>.
        I have thoroughly enjoyed your messages.  I find your 'ramblings' to
be quite interesting and hope you continue to post.  If I've helped you
enough to earn the Russian sewing pins, email me for my address.  pkf (Paula


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