HNW - list apology/drawn thread work/copying

John Ordway ordway at
Thu Nov 6 22:22:14 PST 1997

Firstly, I want to apologize the sending of  a discussion in a private 
e-mail to the digest - I was in a hurry to leave the house and didn't 
realize until seconds too late what I had done, and I think another whole 
message that seems now to have been repeated three times got on again. 
 Sorry! I personally don't like this software that keeps the whole message 
when you press "reply."

Back to drawn thread -- Melinda -- I'm now very interested!  You mentioned 
that you are using the DMC broder and LINEN THREAD-- ah, the magic words! 
 Where do you get it?  I did get some from a company on the web, but can't 
remember where -- but it turned out to be 50 weight and 30 weight stuff --I 
need 40 weight.  I've also gotten a couple of  very helpful e-mails that 
will lead me to  some places on the web to look.

They have damask/looking linen fabric for tablecloths here -- it's quite 
lovely, and when you are lucky you can find it in widths wider than 150 
cms.  But you know, the material is not "treated" for our US washing 
machines -- or rather it is not processed in the way true damask/German 
damask is.  The German damask would never "fluff" after washing like the 
Russian stuff does -- it's as if the material has "bearded" somewhat after 
our sturdy US washers get done with it.  On the other hand, I can't afford 
German damask and with a little magic sizing spray the Russian stuff is 
just fine.  We have a conference length dining room table for "guests" -- 
the tablecloth has to be 350 cm.  US tablecloths that size are hard to 
find, expensive and often made of blends that seem to resist getting the 
stains OUT -- red wine spillage is a big problem.  My husband now calls me 
the "red wine police" -- after the last dinner guest leaves I'm always 
running to the table w/the soda water and salt to check the "red wine" 

Thanks for the discussion on copying.  It's a little more clear but still 
somewhat confusing.  How in the world does a company like Dover get/find  
 the stuff, print it, and then claim copyright because they have now 
printed it .. interesting. Does that mean anyone of us could do the same 
type of thing <g>?  On the other hand, thank goodness that Dover does print 
what it does, as it would be lost to most of us, for sure.
Maryjo Ordway

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