HNW - HNW copyright of pre-1900 materials?

Larry Anderson & Diane Hare foxnhare at
Thu Nov 6 23:33:45 PST 1997

Nan Bradford-Reid wrote:
> Quite true, but now Dover owns the copyright, and fair use is permitted, but
> not distribution of copies, whether you are making a profit or not.  If you
> are giving away photocopies of a Dover book, you are cutting into their
> profits and you can bet your bottom bobbin, they won't like it!

I guess this shows the differences between what people can learn from
different sources and believe in good faith.

I had been under the impression that Dover reprints of books over 100
years old did not establish possession of copyright over the *old*
materials, but merely over Dover's additions and commentaries on the

We live and learn.

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