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On Thu, 06 Nov 1997 23:01:47 -0800, Brett and Karen Williams
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>Copyright and intellectual property law makes my eyes cross. ;) 
>You've posed a very interesting question with profound relevance to the
>way the Society at large implements the 'fair use' laws, though. I think
>the best person to ask would be Lady Morgan Cely (mumblemumble) of the
>Middle Kingdom-- mundanely she is an attorney who has volunteered to
>serve as the SCA's authority on copyright and intellectual property. Her
>mundane name is Margo Habutzel (I know I've misspelled that...).
>She frequents the Middlebridge and the Grand Council mailing lists. I
>would cite her email address, but it has disappeared into many too
>megabytes of my new and mostly empty hard drive. :(

Morgan Celi Cain (Margo Lynn Hablutzel)s address is easy to remember
if you can spell her last name <gr> it's "Margo Lynn Hablutzel"
<Hablutzel at>

[She just delurked in another list this morning]


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