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Donna Hrynkiw donna at Kwantlen.BC.CA
Fri Nov 7 11:02:45 PST 1997

Hello to Laird,

(As the message was posted publicly, I'm assuming it's okay to reply
publicly -- even if the message appears to be privately addressed.)

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Laird Fowler wrote:
> I also tried repeatedly to order Newes Modelbuch by Johan
> Sibmacher from Dover and was repeatedly told it was out-of-print "at this
> time".  I then tried some of the old/used/hard-to-find sources to secure my
> 'copy'.  Tracking down period material is time consuming and I am always
> happy to locate sources with available 'copies'.

I'm sorry to hear that Dover books go out of print occasionally. I've never
had difficulty finding them. Indeed, you might do well to keep an eye on
the used bookstores in your area. I believe that at one point in time I
had -three- copies of Sibmacher, picked up for under $5 each at used
bookstores. I give them away to aspiring medieval needleworkers or as
contest prizes.

Donna Hrynkiw
donna at
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