HNW - Drawn thread/facsimile patterns/mittens

Linn Skinner skinner02 at
Fri Nov 7 20:08:03 PST 1997


you wrote you were
> confused when I saw some GIFs in the Living History Forum. They were of
> needlework from the V&A and I was wondering how someone could copyright a
> photo-- but the photo was taken by the researcher, not the V&A. 

The V&A can be very sticky about permission and I have wondered about the
permission given by that institution for publication in Living History as
dissemination by our electronic means is virtually publication in its
strictest sense.  That's why you never see my many photos from the V&A on
line, much as I would love to share them.  I often hand reprints out at
shows as gifts but would hesitate to "publish" them in any way as the rules
do prohibit photography strictly for personal use and research.


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