HNW - Of facsimiles & Modelbuchs

Laird Fowler lairdf at
Fri Nov 7 20:36:50 PST 1997

Dear Donna H.,
        Thanks for the used bookstore suggestion.  Sorry I wasn't clear, but
that's what I meant by "old/used/hard-to-find sources".  We are fortunate to
have several Half Price Bookstores which deal mostly in used books and
that's the only place I've seen a Sibmacher (other than on friends
bookshelves).  In fact I stay on the lookout for more copies as I have other
friends who want a copy, too.  There are also several businesses i.e. Bette
Feinstein, Ruth Kern, Studio Books, etc. who deal in pre-owned needlework
books and I try to stay on their catalog mailing lists.  I also hit the
twice a year Book & Paper shows and the public library sales; all good
sources.  That's what I meant by "tracking down period material is time
consuming" and I thoroughly enjoy doing it.  pkf (Paula F.)


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