HNW - HW-thread weights

John Ordway ordway at
Fri Nov 7 22:47:16 PST 1997

Great discussion from everyone on thread weights -- I know what it is but 
never could really explain it.
It's amazing that no one seems to  have heard to 40 weight -- just wonder 
why it's not made and why was made here?  It's still made here in regular 
sewing thread w/a touch of nylon, and I think I already mentioned that 
there is linen thread w/nylon (looks like dental floss to me).  Thanks for 
all the help.

(for Catherine Lorraine:  I use the thread for drawn thread work -- I'm 
learning from a Russian woman and we use the local linen, which is very 

I just wonder if the teacher here insists on the 40 weight because 1)that's 
all what they had here for a long time and 2)that particular weight works 
perfectly with the gauge linen we are using, or
3)maybe it is the "closest" to the same weight as the DMC floss which is 
used in single strands, doubled or even quadruple strands, depending on the 

I'm glad to see Margo Lynn's name here.  I know her from the quilting forum 
on CompuServe and she was always extremely helpful in setting us straight 
on copyright matters.

I also appreciate all the discussion on how to get the materials -- I have 
to order by mail but at least now I have a few options.  I periodically get 
Dover catalogs by mail, but they have a web site, no?

Maryjo Ordway

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