HNW - HW-thread weights

John & Maryjo Ordway ordway at
Sun Nov 9 20:32:43 PST 1997

Kathryn -- it finally dawned on me to try some size 40 crochet cotton, when 
I get a chance.  I wonder if the thread is "treated" differently, though. 
 But after cleaning up my sewing room this weekend, I'm not in a mood to 
buy anything <gg> -- too much stuff.  I just get these things in my head -- 
I mean, why isn't there the right 40w sewing thread, 100% cotton, w/a left 
twist ply right now when I want it?  ROFL That's  part of the fun of being 
overseas, I guess -- it's always fun to keep looking.

The threads on "copying" get more and more interesting.  There has to be 
some "easy" answer -- we don't want all these things to only be in museums 
- -- then they'll definitely be lost after another generation.  It's hard 
enough to find the things right now!

Maryjo Ordway


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