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>Is she being paranoid to be so worried? We have seen SCA folk practice
>outright plagarism and not have the Copyright Police knocking at their
>door, or lawyers with briefcases.
>I really hope you can assure me we have nothing (much) to worry about.

As my Daddy used to say, it depends on whose ox is being gored.  If someone
a) finds out and b) feels they are being wronged and/or their profits
enfringed upon, they just might file suit.  By 'outright plagarism' do you
mean that they passed off words written by someone else as their own?  That
is what plagiarism is.  Most of what we are talking about is copyright
infringement or violation of copyright laws.  I would be willing to say that
*most* of what we do is perfectly legal and acceptable, even --while not
technically legal-- to include copying an out-of-print book in its entirety
**strictly for personal use**.  If one is copying a great deal from a book
and then passing it out, you have a problem.  One way around this is to use
the custom textbook service at Ginny's or Kinko's or your local college
bookstore.  You bring the selections to them, they research and obtain the
permissions and then include the fees in the price of the book.  This does
require your students to pay for the material, however.  And, since most of
our classes are taught at events, that means you have to front the cost.
Some permissions are pennies while others can be quite pricey.


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