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>I'm thinking that she is a bit paranoid myself.   It's not likely that you'll
>be making millions off of this book.   Too often the academic types wallow so
>much in rules and regulations from their institutions that they forget the

We at the institutions did not make the rules, Congress made the rules, er,
laws.  The laws are there to protect artists and authors.  I find it very
funny, after having worked with professors for some time now, that these
self same professors who think nothing of copying major portions of a poetry
book or whatever would be up in arms and ready to sue if someone did that to
their books.  You wouldn't believe some of the copying requests I got when I
worked in the English department.  I had to put my foot down a couple of
times and just say "NO!".  They were all supposed to review the University
publication on such matters, but it went in one ear and right out the other.
It was far easier to bring their stuff a little at a time and have an
underpaid, overworked staff copy it for them rather than gathering it all
together and have it done properly at a copy place, which, as I said in
another post, would do all the work and permissions for them.  The only
thing I can say in their defense is that some of them were doing it for
altruistic reasons: to save the students bucks.

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