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sorry, this discussion arrived here relatively confused, but there seemed
to be several people interested, so I answer to the list.

I have recently done some tatting with #40 pure linen thread. I bought this
thread from a friend of mine who owns the only bobbin lace store here in
Berlin, Germany (as far as I know). She had this thread in white and black,
I used the black one. She keeps telling me the meaning of the thread sizes
and I keep forgetting. Aside, I personally use any thread size from 20 to
100 for tatting. There are tatters who tat with much heavier threads and
even yarns.

The linen thread my friend sells was called size 40, and this refers to the
weight per length. I forgot the units. This does not say anything about the
thickness of the thread. In this case, the thread was not even, it varied
very much in thickness. Judging from the eye, I would say it varied between
the thickness of size 15 and size 80 even, regular cotton thread used for
crochet or tatting. My friend said the variation in thickness is a
characteristic of pure linen. She has worked with linen threads, fabrics
etc. for more than 20 years, which is why I believe her.

Tatting with uneven thread is difficult, but worked well with the linen
thread. It would not have worked with cotton, because of the
characteristics of the fiber.

If anyone is interested, I could ask her to help obtaining this thread.

Barbara Maren
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