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Tue Nov 11 06:40:51 PST 1997

I know about the copyright laws but I have seen too many people "give up"
because they are extremely fearful about being sued.  The main difficulty is
these creative people have problems understanding the copyright laws (you
have to admit the laws are written in a different language than English) and
the amount of time it takes doing 'discovery' often inhibits the creative
process.  The proper way to go about a project is to let go of the paranoia
and fear and move forward with the project and find out what is acceptable
and what is not.  I think the question has been answered more thoroughly by
more knowledgeable people on the list but my main intention was to encourage
a creative person not to give up because she was intimidated and this happens
more often than you may realize.

I work with artists and understand the artistic temperment.  Once they are in
the creative flow if they come across what they view as a stumbling block
(ie. rules, regulations written in such complex and confusing language) often
times they just give up.  With such a wonderful project as this I would hate
to see that happen.  Encouragement is needed here as well as being armed with
knowledge and the truth - but go softly amongst geniuses and artists, if you
know the proper way to handle the copyright issues then tell them gently.
 Don't confuse them with the processes of finding out, they can't handle it
as it distracts them from their project.

A little research on your part and you will come up with the answer that
won't stop the creative flow.


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