HNW - Dover's URL?/drawn thread progress

John & Maryjo Ordway ordway at
Mon Nov 17 04:02:43 PST 1997

Does Dover have it's own web page?  If so, could someone zap me the
URL -- many thanks.  If not, and someone has a phone number/e-mail listing 
for them, I'd appreciate it -- I'd like to get their catalog.

Just finished a center square on my drawn thread sampler -- ugh -- I'll 
never do this pattern again!  Took hours over a very long time -- it's very 
"lacy" looking -- lots of "building" of a pattern with knotted "wheels" 
circular designs and then some needleweaving fillers using the threads from 
16 spokes -- yes, you are right, you don't want to know! <gg>  The amazing 
thing is that the pattern is quite "strong" -- a miniature elephant could 
try and run it's toes through the pattern and it wouldn't budge.  I am 
continually amazed at how strong knotted cotton thread is.
Maryjo Ordway

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