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Linda Abrams wrote:

> I am trying to help a friend place into historical context a fabulous piece
> of stumpwork she owns.  It is called, "Esther & Ahashuerus," but the picture
> is not the same as that portrayed on the stumpwork piece of the same name fr
> the V&A in London.  By style, materials, colors, clothes on the figures,
> etc., I'm pretty sure it is 17th C., or late 16th.  Can anyone recall seeing
> any other "Esther & Ahasuerus" stumpwork pictures anywhere?  And if so,
> where?

She actually *owns* a 16th/17th century piece of stumpwork?  Far out!

One book you may want to look at is EMBROIDERY 1600-1700 AT THE 
BURRELL COLLECTION.  There is LOTS of stumpwork in this book and it 
is an excellent resource for anyone interested in seventeeenth 
century embroidery.

There is a panel with the story of Esther and Ahasuerus dated to 
1652, but it seems to be more of a tent-stitched piece than 
stumpwork.  It is nearly identical to another piece at the Ashmolean 
Museum in Oxford, according to the caption.

Another panel, also apparently tent-stitched, depicts Esther kneeling 
before Ahasuerus.  The date "1648" is embroidered in seed pearls.

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