HNW - Items for sale on eBay

Margaret Bolger Margaret_Bolger at
Thu Nov 20 17:53:50 PST 1997

I have just finished putting a load of items for sale on ebay, mainly in
the Antiques (general pre: 1900) section :

19thC/20thC Lace - stoles (#2125327), flounce(#2124586), alb flounce
(#2124196), collars (## 2223638, 225153, 2225426, 222593), berthas (#
2225645) etc 
(most identified for me by Pat Earnshaw !)

19thC silver buttonhook/shoehorn (#2223121); kid gloves in unusual box
(#2223325); ladies spats (#2123451), 

19thC black silk parasol (#2222906), silver 1860 vinaigrette (#2226589)

Irish Linen bedsheets (#2226982)

also in the vintage 30/40s full length underslip (#2123866)

Please check it out - jpgs available for all on e.mail.

(Isle of Skye, Scotland)

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