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<< I need help with turning the heels.  
 Does anyone know a quick and easy way to do this? >>

Sure -- Divide your stitches so one-third of them, the center-back ones, are
on one needle.

Work back and forth on these stitches for about an inch and a half (or until
you've made a flap that's roughly square).

At the end of a right-side row, pick up stitches along the side of the flap.
Work around and pick up the same number on the other side.

Keep working around, and _every_other_row_ decrease one at the beginning of
the new stitches you picked up and another at the end of them. (That's only
two decreases at a time -- the first one you come to and the last one.)

When they're all gone, just work straight until you're ready to do the toe.

There are refinements, but that's the simplest one _I_ know!

Jo Anne

p.s. fancy touches on request.


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