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> << I need help with turning the heels.
>  Does anyone know a quick and easy way to do this? >>

For shorter socks, knit the tube the desired length from cuff top
to base of little toe. Mark this row with safety pin or bit of 
yarn about a stitch. Do desired decreases to shape toe area and 
desired methods of ending off.

Try sock on and mark just to the toe-side of the where the heavy 
wear area would fall on the base of the heel. On this round, at 
what will become center-back, clip *one* thread and pick back 1/3 
of the way to the left and pick back 1/3 of the way to the right 
(yes, we're opening 2/3 of the round). Pick up these stitches on 
four (or three, if you *like* doing it the hard way) double-pointed 
knitting pins. 

Knit four rounds plain and then continue as though to do a "wedge 
toe". The so-called "peasant heel" is the quickest and easiest 
I've found.

BTW: (1) I suggested marking the toe decrease row so that one could 
measure or count rows for length to make it easier to make a second 
sock the same size. (2) If socks shrink a bit in length, but are 
just too short, rather than altogether too tight, one may slice off 
and reknit the toe area longer. (3) When re-knitting one may do a 
custom fit, rather than a plain wedge or point, if one so desires. 
(4) If you wanted to practice a peasant heel without knitting a 
whole sock, retrofit one on a commercial tube sock.


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