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Tue Nov 25 23:26:30 PST 1997

Dear Margaret,

Thank you for the information.  I am actually more interested in linen sheets
once they've been used so much they are worn very smooth, rather than new
ones.  Also the width sounds only sufficient for what we would call a "twin"
size bed (approx. 40" wide), and mine is a "full"  or "double" size (54" w)
on which the width of yours would not be adequate for tucking in.   But I
thank you anyway for the information.  And most especially because I had not
heard of eBay before; it sounds like a splendid virtual auction-house, and I
shall check it out for future reference.  Good luck with your sale.

I was on Skye only very briefly, and mostly we just drove around and looked
at everything; I also remember climbing around on the castle ruin (at the
North -- I think it was-- end) during a biting wind.  And had a lovely time
in a local pub, where my travelling companion from South Africa very
puckishly brought up Braveheart, asking why the Scots _don't_ go for
independence from Britain (inferring by his manner certain anatomical
inadequacies !)  and very nearly started a fight, but the local man he was
addressing caught on that he was just being provocative, and, thankfully,
rather than punching him out,  began blaming it on one or the other of the
clans....then everyone sort of got in the act for a war of tipsy wit, rather
than fisticuffs.  

Although Skye -- indeed, all of Scotland -- was quite beautiful, I confess
partiality to the several lochs we walked round.  When I think of going back
(often!), it is the lochs that my mind pictures.  

My best wishes to you, and your beautiful land, until I do return.

Linda Abrams

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