HNW - old hooks for thread arts

Sharron Fina sfina at
Wed Oct 1 07:22:50 PDT 1997

Tamar et al.,

The "hook" is used to pull the thread through the fine picots made in the
tatting (through this loop you push the shuttle), which in turn joins the
rows together. The shuttles I use have them.  If you use a shuttle without
a hook, they tell you to have a fine crochet hook handy for joining.

Sharron Fina
sfina at

> How does needle tatting use a hook?  Not that I do it but the tatting
> needles I saw at the yarn shop didn't have hooks included.  They did say
> that tatting was done with a needle long before shuttles but no scholarly
> sources given :)
> =Tamar (sharing computer with dickeney at


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