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Wed Oct 1 12:10:36 PDT 1997

Dear List: (especially Eowyn)

I called Hedgehog  Handworks, and am thrilled to find she has the Liz
Arthur book on the Burrell Collection. I first saw it here in PA about two
years ago but couldn't afford it. I tried to order it last Christmas from
Barnes &  Nobles, only to be told it was out of print. So this is good
news, indeed.

Also: Hedgehog has one of the Kathleen Epstein books I've been looking for.
I am really confused about whether Epstein's books are in or out of print,
because Barnes and Nobles only listed the Bassee book, the Old Italian
Needlework Pattern Book, the one about Anonymous, a Woman, and what seems
to be a reprint of John Taylors, :The Needle's Excellancy". An author
search through Amazon books brought up what seems to be a fascsimile of a
16th or 17th century English needlework pattern  book.

Does anyone, offhand, know if  Books in Print has a URL? Maybe Barnes and
Nobles database has some cracks in it?????

Meanwhile, Hedgehog Handworks, PO Box 45384, Westchester, CA 90045, phone
(888) 670-6040 (toll free). I'm so thrilled that I am going to be able to
get these books, which ar so important for my research.

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries,...too little time"


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