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Wed Oct 1 12:18:17 PDT 1997

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Mike Newell wrote:


> Does anyone, offhand, know if  Books in Print has a URL? Maybe Barnes and
> Nobles database has some cracks in it?????

The Barnes and Nobles database has more than a few holes - it rots. I have
stopped shopping there and use Amazon only for my on-lines purchases
because there's is so bad.

In an attempt to look as big or bigger than Amazon then put lots and lots
of books in their database which haven't been available for a *long* time.

I was badly disappointed by them when I order *five* books from them which
they said were in print and got *none*.  I found out about this problem
after having *words* with one of the heads of customer service on-line.


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