HNW - knitting in Polish altar carving, 1477-1489

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Wed Oct 1 13:58:24 PDT 1997

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> Greetings from Myfanwy!
> This sounds really neat. Is there any way you could get some of these onto a
> web site so people could see them?

Wish I could... besides the copyright, there's the little problem of not
having a web site.  Now, how can we all contact the tourist websites for
Poland and convince them it would be a great attraction?

> BTW -- tell me more about this Bronze Age cloth in the salt mine.... :-)

Duh, I think it was bronze age... it was in Barber's book, Women's Work
the First 20,000 Years - she wove a thread-by-thread copy of it and
learned that when the work is even in one direction and very irregular in
the other, it's a lot easier to set up the warp with the evenly counted
threads and weave 'by eye' to do the irregular amounts of weft (she wove
it the other way, which was a real drag). 

Anyway, it was a nice simple windowpane plaid with pairs of narrow stripes
evenly set across and 'judged by eye' stripes the other way.  There's a
photo in the book, of the original in the museum, next to the fur hat
shaped like a beret, and of her copy.

They also found out, from cloths found in the salt mine, that the ancient
miners had lice...

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