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Greetings from Donna Hrynkiw, new subscriber to this list.

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Mike Newell wrote:
> Also: Hedgehog has one of the Kathleen Epstein books I've been looking for.
> I am really confused about whether Epstein's books are in or out of print,

Perhaps I can help.

Kathleen Epstein appears to own the publishing company "Curious Works
Press" which publishes her works. I received a very nice note and catalogue
from her when I sent a request to Curious Works asking for their catalogue.
As this was at least 2 years ago, I don't know the "in print/out of
print" status of any of the books.

I have:
  An Anonymous Woman - Her Work (1992, ISBN 0-9633331-1-9)
  A New Modelbook for Spanish Stitch (1993, ISBN 0-933331-2-7)
  The Praise of the Needle -- John Taylor's Poem of 1631 (1995, ISBN

As I remember, she has others which concentrate on later-period techniques
which are of no interest to me.

> --Kathryn
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