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janis jesa at
Fri Oct 3 14:19:30 PDT 1997

Warm Greetings to All:  Could I please ask for you help on my research
for "Beaded Fringes" . I understand they were sewn by early Celtic
peoples and also Byzantine needle-craftspeople. I also think Russian.
I am trying to research what type of beads were used (or just pearls?)
how early these fringes on the edges of garments appeared?  Who might
have created them?  ETC., etc., Any information or direction for the
search would be appreciated.  Our library resources here are terribly
slim and seem only to have modern craft books on the use of beads and
Native style beadwork.  Attractive but not too helpful.  Also any
information on the history of beads (what made of, where from , etc.,)
would be appreciated.  On a current A&E Biography of "Ivan the Terrible"
a painting of his first wife "Anastasia" was shown and in it she was 
wearing a headpiece or crown or circlet that had a white beaded fringe
around her forehead and around to the back(could have been pearls - it
was hard to see and over so fast!!). It helps with my research but I
can't seem to find a copy of the picture anywhere.
  I am searching the Net but also not having too much luck. If you have
any addresses you are willing to send I would also be grateful.
  Thank you so much for your time.      Janis   
                       (SCA - Sine   pronounced:  Sheena)

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