HNW - Beaded Fringing.

Laura Barwick laurab at
Fri Oct 3 16:04:33 PDT 1997

Could I please ask for you help on my research
>for "Beaded Fringes" . I understand they were sewn by early Celtic
>peoples and also Byzantine needle-craftspeople. I also think Russian.
>I am trying to research what type of beads were used (or just pearls?)
>how early these fringes on the edges of garments appeared?  Who might
>have created them?  ETC., etc.,

Please post this information to the list, as others are interested too!
What period are you specifically interested in? I have seen seed bead like
glass beads described as High Renaissance in Italy 1500-1525 (Dubin 1987).

 Also any
>information on the history of beads (what made of, where from , etc.,)
>would be appreciated.

Dubin, LS 1987 History of Beads From 30000 BC to PresentNy: Harry N
Abrahams, Inc.  ISBN 0-8109-2617-2 (This is the concise edition.  The
complete edition is even better. They have a great fold out time line.)

Beaders of the world unite!

Laura B.


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