HNW - Icelandic Embroidery?

IRWIN, Catherine irwinc at
Mon Oct 6 05:58:08 PDT 1997

Tamar wrote:
> I'm not sure this is similar but here goes...  I just received a copy of a
> copy of a page from _Traditional Icelandic Embroidery_ (1985) by Elsa E.
> Gudjonsson, who worked in the National Museum of Iceland for something
> like 35 years.  (The page is from a copy in Icelandic but it seems there
> is an English-language version). It shows an embroidery on network.  

Embroidery is not usually my thing (or at least, it *hasn't* been.. 
but who is to say it *won't* be anytime soon?) but the mention of 
Iceland intrigues me greatly. Does anyone know anything else about 
this particular source (where one could find a copy, especially in 
English, etc)? I'd be much oblidged if anyone could help...

Kate Irwin
SCA:Gwyneth ferch Branwen

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