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Mon Oct 6 21:16:04 PDT 1997

You wrote: 
>Tamar wrote:
>> I'm not sure this is similar but here goes...  I just received a 
copy of a
>> copy of a page from _Traditional Icelandic Embroidery_ (1985) by 
Elsa E.
>> Gudjonsson, who worked in the National Museum of Iceland for 
>> like 35 years.  (The page is from a copy in Icelandic but it seems 
>> is an English-language version). It shows an embroidery on network.  

>Embroidery is not usually my thing (or at least, it *hasn't* been.. 
>but who is to say it *won't* be anytime soon?) but the mention of 
>Iceland intrigues me greatly. Does anyone know anything else about 
>this particular source (where one could find a copy, especially in 
>English, etc)? I'd be much oblidged if anyone could help...
>Kate Irwin
>SCA:Gwyneth ferch Branwen

I own a copy of the book - in English. It was published in at least 
English and Icelandic, in 1985. It is published by Iceland Review in 
Reykjavik, Iceland. It is widely available in Iceland, which is where I 
got my copy. Worst case, if you can't order it in the US you can get it 
through Mal Og Mennig in Reykjavik. I believe they are on the web - if 
you can't find them let me know. It is based on actual embroidery in 
the National Museum of Iceland. They show pieces, with dates and as 
much as they know about them, and tell how to actually do the 
embroidery. The techniques include Refilsaumur, Glitsaumer, Skakkaglit, 
Gamli krosssaumurinn, Augnsaumur, Pellsaumur, Sprang (lacis to the rest 
of the world), Blomstursaumur Skattering, Applique, Stem stitch 
embroidery, and gold and silver embroidery. I have honestly had very 
little time to examine the book, since I moved this summer, but it 
seems quite good. Excellant color pictures and fairly clear 
instructions. Any other questions? Oh, some of the work is period for 
the SCA!(Which is one of the reasons that I bought it!)

Irene Davis
SCA: Eirny Thorvaldsdottir

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