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Greetings from Myfanwy!
Tamar, in response to Eowyn, writes:
>I'm not sure this is similar but here goes...  I just received a copy of a
>copy of a page from _Traditional Icelandic Embroidery_ (1985) by Elsa E. 
>Gudjonsson, who worked in the National Museum of Iceland for something
>like 35 years.  (The page is from a copy in Icelandic but it seems there
>is an English-language version). It shows an embroidery on network.  It's
>hard to tell whether the drawing is accurate or just sloppy, but if it is
>accurate, the network seems to be made by drawn work, as some of the
>threads seem to be woven as well as sewn together.  The solid squares are
>needle-woven over the network threads. The design is of stylized flowers
>at the corners with a pair of birds in the center, with interlaced
>dividing lines (like a diapered brocade).  The date "1650" is in the
I have a copy of the book translated into English, courtesy of my parents'
trip to Iceland a few years ago.  What you're looking at is lacis on a netted
ground, although the diagram on that page is for lacis on a drawn thread
ground.  It doesn't really look like hardanger, however.
BTW -- Small Churl Books has tracked down a source for the English language
edition (the translation is by Donald King) and had several copies for sale
at Pennsic.  I think she has a web site, but don't know the URL offhand.  She
was charging about $24, which is a good price, although it's a small book.
 This is a great book if you can get your hands on it -- everything is well
documented as to size and provenance, there are good diagrams, and most of
the photos are in color.  Not everything is period for SCA, but a lot of it
is.  The author covers laid work, pattern darning, darned net, counted
stitches such as long-armed cross stitch and Florentine (bargello), etc.
Lady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon
mka Ruth Morrisson
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