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Tue Oct 7 05:35:41 PDT 1997

Yesterday I wrote in response to Melinda Sherbring:
>I have a photocopy of a needlework pattern book, which I believe was
>originally published in 1587 or so (it's at home, I'll check and confirm
>the date) in London, which has patterns for whitework, or drawn work, the
>patterns are fairly open to interpretation by embroiderer.  I think the
>title is "The Needle's Schoolhouse" or something similar, I'll check on
>that as well.

Well I have to revise my comments, I had remembered the citation
incorrectly, here is the correct one:

"A Scholehouse for the Needle," London : 1624. Printed by R. Shorleyker.  
It does still have some very nice whitework patterns, as well as some small
animals and flowers to embroider.  Sorry it was not as early as I
remembered it being.

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997 EowynA at wrote:

> I'm currently taking a Group Correspondence Course through EGA on Ukrainian
> Whitework.  I notice a design element that I would call Hardanger (kloster
> blocks around an open square, which may or may not be filled in).   I
> understand that Hardanger apparently does not date back to our period
> (pre-1600), but did not realize that there were other styles that look
> similar and might date back that far.  Does anyone know of any other
> national embroidery styles similar to Hardanger? 
> Does anyone have any  references on early (ca. 1600) versions of this
> style in any ethnicity?

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