HNW - Re: HNW- Hardanger and Ukrainian Whitework

Dick Eney dickeney at
Tue Oct 7 08:06:14 PDT 1997

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997 EowynA at wrote:

> Tamar wrote:
> >... It shows an embroidery on network.  It's hard to tell
> >whether the drawing is accurate or just sloppy, but if it is
> >accurate, the network seems to be made by drawn work, as some of the
> >threads seem to be woven as well as sewn together.  The solid squares
> >are needle-woven over the network threads.
> Sounds fascinating.  But if I understand you correctly, that is 
> embroidery done on a net
> background (like Irish lace?).   I'm looking for something that is
> basically solid fabric with small squares of drawn work (say, 8 threads
> by 8 threads, max) , which is in turn filled with needlelace or squares
> or diamonds.  Is that like what you are describing?  

No, this is entirely network that is needlewoven in many areas to make a
sort of filet lace.



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