HNW - Smocking GarFairies at
Tue Oct 7 12:07:49 PDT 1997

Hello list.  It was recommended that I ask this list the following question
that I have about smocking.

I am working on a monthly newsletter about smocking (I am a smocking retailer
for 11 years - not a novice), and have decided to do some research on the
possible beginnings of smocking and was wondering if anyone out there has any
ideas for me.  I pretty much know a lot about the 'smocks' of the 18th
century, but anything information that you may wish to share with me is

I'm in the process of speculation as to how it started, and why.  It's pretty
much a decorative functional way of holding pleated fabric in place, which in
turn was used to add volume to garments, but my curiousity has been leading
me on a merry chase.

Either e-mail me or respond to this query via this list, and I do appreciate
your time and effort in answering my question.

Thank you,
Beth-katherine Kaiman

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