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Dick Eney dickeney at
Tue Oct 7 16:28:32 PDT 1997

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Linn Skinner wrote:

> Wendy:
> Lacis is a type of darned net.  The net is made on a small frame about 6-8"
> square and then thread is woven in and around the net with a needle to make
> a design.  Many of the designs in the early Italian and German patternbooks
> were for Lacis.  The squares are then removed and often set in linen
> pieces.  This was one of the favorite sorts of needlework of Mary Queen of
> Scots.
> The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has several textiles that include
> lacis squares which can be identified in the early modelbuchen.

Eeek!  It's the weave-it loom! <g>



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