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On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Mike Newell wrote:

> Icelandic people knitted TENTS??? Wasn't it just easier to use cloth or
> hides (much faster, too!)
> I am boggled.

Me, too, but that's what Turnau said.  Thinking about it, though -
a fine wool fabric made of good thin, tightly twisted yarn, fulled and
shrunk to tighten it, would probably be just as good a water-repellent
felt as the hats and cloaks made that way.  Not to mention the fairly
water-repellent qualities of the traditional guernseys.  Knitted fabric is
cloth too, it's just made with simpler implements than a big old loom, so
anybody can make it with a fairly small investment in tools.  And you
could knit in different colored wools and get a really fancy tent with
colors that wouldn't wash off in the rain, and no extra sewing on
appliques either.

A small tent (read, "tarp") can be smaller than a king-sized afghan.  Some
regulations for the Master Knitters required the knitting of a carpet six
feet square with at least six colors, including flowers and animals in
natural colors. 

What say we all show up at Pennsic with our Master Knitter's certificates
and the flashiest pup tents in the Known World? <G>

=Tamar (sharing computer dickeney at


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