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Tue Oct 7 16:15:05 PDT 1997

> From: GarFairies at
> I am working on a monthly newsletter about smocking (I am a smocking
> for 11 years - not a novice), and have decided to do some research on the
> possible beginnings of smocking and was wondering if anyone out there has
> ideas for me.  I pretty much know a lot about the 'smocks' of the 18th
> century, but anything information that you may wish to share with me is
> welcome.

You might look for information on the technique from the Museum of London.
I believe I saw a smocked sleeve dated to the 16th century on one of their
publications. If my memory is accurate, it was in their general tourist
glossy catalog rather than a specifically textile or medieval oriented

I'd get you the citation, but I just moved to the Philly area and the book
is in my storage area. I have only the vaguest idea which of the dozens of
non-fiction boxes it would be in.

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