HNW - Hardanger and Reticello lace EowynA at
Tue Oct 7 19:16:45 PDT 1997


Jacquie Samples asks,
>Do you embroider around the area to be cut first, and then to the cutting?
>(as in Reticello lace)  Or do you cut away the area, then do the satin

First stablize (put in the satin stitching), then cut.  And if you pull it
just slightly when you cut, the cut end vanishes into the satin stitching.
 Modern hardanger cloth is also designed to shrink just a little, so that
those little thread ends disappear into the kloster blocks when you wash it.
(per Marion Scoular)

Melinda Sherbring
(Eowyn Amberdrake)

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