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 I'm currently taking a Group Correspondence Course through EGA on Ukrainian
 Whitework.  I notice a design element that I would call Hardanger (kloster
 blocks around an open square, which may or may not be filled in).   I
 understand that Hardanger apparently does not date back to our period
 (pre-1600), butdid not realize that there were other styles that look
 and might date back that far.  Does anyone know of any other national
 embroidery styles similar to Hardanger? 

I got into a protracted correspondence with the EGA Master Craftsman (Counted
Thread) people on this one! There are several traditions, including the
Ukrainian,  that use the same basic approach as Hardanger (well, there are
only so many ways you can go, counting threads!) including one that I believe
was Turkish, worked in colored silks on fine linen. I can look them all up
again if it helps.

I'm not counting the various "openwork" varieties such as Russian Drawn Work
and filet net darning.

Jo Anne


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