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<<Sounds fascinating.  But if I understand you correctly, that is embroidery
on a net background (like Irish lace?).   I'm looking for something that is
basically solid fabric with small squares of drawn work (say, 8 threads by 8
threads, max) , which is in turn filled with needlelace or squares or
diamonds.  Is that like what you are describing?  


Good Gentles, 

I believe the technique you're looking for is called Reticella. It's detailed
in Pattern Book of Renaissance Lace--A Reprint of the 1617 Edition of the
"Corona Delle Nobili et Virtuose Donne" by Cesare Vecellio. It's a Dover
reprint with 112 illustrations.

I am interested in learning Reticella, but have only gotten as far as doing
some beginning drawnwork.

Rosalyn MacGregor
(Pattie Rayl)


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