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Donna Hrynkiw donna at Kwantlen.BC.CA
Wed Oct 8 08:54:47 PDT 1997

Hello Linn,

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Linn Skinner wrote:
> Well it has been my understanding although Lacis is nowadays darned on
> machine made or shuttle made ground, it was also made on needle knotted
> ground in the historic past.

Could you explain more about what you mean by 'needle knotted'? I think
we may be talking about the same technique using different words.

In common netting (ie. large mesh as for fishnets), the working thread
is carried on a shuttle. For technical reasons too detailed to go into
here, it's virtually impossible to get a small enough shuttle suitable
for making very fine mesh and I've found that carrying the working thread
on a large blunt needle works very well. So I may in fact be 'needle
knotting' without knowing it.

> My main
> connection with Lacis is to trace the designs from sources, one of my
> hobbies.
> Linn

Cool! Care to share any of your findings? I've maintained a passing fancy
in just this area for years. (Mostly in collecting images of both 
lacis-suitable patterns and of worked lacis from before about 1700.)

Donna Hrynkiw
donna at


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