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Linn keyed to Wendy:

> Lacis is a type of darned net.  The net is made on a small frame about > 6-8" square and then thread is woven in and around the net with a 
> needle to make a design.  Many of the designs in the early Italian 
> and German patternbooks were for Lacis.  The squares are then removed > and often set in linen pieces.  This was one of the favorite sorts of > needlework of Mary Queen of Scots.

This seems "right on" except for "The net is made on a small frame ..."

I'd been under the impression that the net was made by normal netting
methods, using a shuttle and gauge and some sort of anchor (a hook or
clamp or the corner pinned to a weighted cushion), and THEN the net was
whipstitched to a frame of appropriate size for stabilization during
embellishment, and the decorated net was removed to be joined to other
nettings (more often than to be set in linen pieces).

The patternbook designs were used for netted lacis, and for cut & drawn
network, and for other counted-thread voided-ground embroideries, as
well as for plain cross-stitch.
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